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Lee’s Story

Lee's Story

I have been overweight most of my adult life, I started to gain weight in my late teens after a serious back injury left me unable to play sports or exercise for a number of years. Before I knew it, I was hovering at well over 20st.
I’ve tried every type of fad diet, potion, and pill out there. You name it I’ve tried it. However, I found nothing really had any long‑term success, and next thing I knew I was up to 25st! I continued with the diets but yo‑yo’d up and down, never getting back under the 20st mark.

During the early summer of 2014, before joining Dawn Breakers, I was in a very bad place, I was going nowhere with my job, my social life had all but stopped completely as I never wanted to leave the house, and when I did I would find any reason to leave and go home.
I had tried and failed again and again to lose the weight, and I had been alone for too long, and on one night it had all become too much, and thoughts had entered into my head of just ending it all.

I’m lucky that those thoughts of ending my life actually gave me the biggest drive into sorting it out. So after many months of speaking to friends about Dawn Breakers and seeing those friends start having amazing results because of it, I signed up to start my first class in August 2014, and from that point onwards my life was never the same again.

Since joining Dawn Breakers I have been though some of the happiest and hardest moments of my life. As I completed each course, I was finally seeing the weight come off and more importantly, stay off. My old injuries had started to heal and I actually started to enjoy the work outs and life again. I was now able to start looking at doing things I had always wanted to try, including triathlons, OCRs and other races.
During my time at Dawn Breakers I have lost a total of 7 and half stone, and become immeasurably fitter, stronger, and healthier.

However, no amount of weight loss can compare to all the people I have met along the way. Without the support, friendship and love each member of Dawn Breakers has shown me over the past two years I’m not sure I would still be here today. I am not a confident person, I find it hard to speak to new people. However, the friendships that you make at DB really do last a life time.

The biggest drive that kept me going during those two years was the number of people who have said that my journey has inspired them to start losing weight themselves. Knowing that I was helping others inspired me to keep moving forward during those times that I wanted to give up the most, and also knowing that whenever I did have a bad day, the support was always there from the other members of DB.
Knowing that it was not just me going through this journey ensured that I never gave up.

Following my weight loss, I was left with quite a lot of loose skin, and I decided to undergo surgery to remove this. The recovery from this was long and hard, however, this time I was not struggling alone. All my teammates were incredibly supportive and encouraging, and I was back training again in record time.

It goes without saying that Dawn Breakers has not only changed, but also saved, my life.