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Sara’s Story

Sara's Story

I used to hate what I saw in the mirror each day. Having tried all the ‘quick fix’ diets on the market in an effort to lose weight, I found they weren’t sustainable ‑ the weight would pile back on ‑ and then some.

My turning point was December 2014, I tipped the scales at 20.1 stone ‑ I was depressed, miserable, tired and couldn’t walk far without pain. My relationship with my husband and family was suffering ‑ I blamed everyone but myself for my weight gain. Something had to change...

I signed up to 5.15am Dawn Breakers with a friend ‑ I had zero confidence ‑ I was so scared that first day, scared of being laughed at and judged and I didn’t think I’d be capable of doing any of the exercises. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Everyone was so welcoming and supportive and I came to realise that everyone was on the same journey ‑ to better themselves.

Six weeks later, at the end of that first course, I had lost 21lbs and had finally started to believe in myself ‑ I could do this!

Two years later and I haven’t looked back ‑ I love the workouts, cardio is my favourite (I never thought I’d say that!). Every day is different ‑ the workouts are tailored to suit all abilities as everyone is at a different level of fitness. With each course, I can feel myself getting that little bit stronger, fitter and faster. The support and encouragement from the group is incredible, I’ve met some amazing people who I’m proud to call friends. Special thanks has to go to my wonderful, supportive husband, Martin, he is my rock. He joined me at Dawn Breakers back in June 2015 ‑ it has changed his life too. Dawn Breakers enables us to spend quality time together and also means we keep each other on track with the diet!

The nutrition plan has become a way of life and has taught me how to look at food differently ‑ I’ve even been known to experiment in the kitchen with DB friendly recipes.

I’ve dropped 6 stone and 6 dress sizes. I’ve taken part in events I wouldn’t have even dreamed of doing ‑ such as 3 OCRs with the Dirty Dawn Breakers team and a 12 hour Dawn Breakers charity day.

Perhaps just as important as the physical changes are the psychological and emotional differences, I’m so much happier than I used to be. I often dance my way through the workouts ‑ I have a new‑found confidence ‑ life feels good!

My journey doesn’t end here ‑ I have plans...

I hope that my story may inspire other people to make a change ‑ to be the best that they can be. Dawn Breakers is truly life changing. Signing up was the best decision I’ve ever made and I can’t ever imagine my life without it. When I look in the mirror now, I feel proud!