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“Dawn-breakers has completely changed the way I train, the way I eat, the way I live. I’ve gone to classes in gyms and had PTs none of them have got anywhere near the results I’ve seen from when I started DB. It’s not just a physical change, I have more energy and enthusiasm for everything I do. The guys at AMAFC are extremely helpful and approachable can’t recommend it enough.”
“I walked into my first DawnBreakers over 18st unfit and unhappy. After my first 6 week course i was 15 and a half st and the fittest i have ever been. It has changed my life for the better in so many ways. Its changed my eating and my whole outlook on life. Its an amazing group where everyone supports eachother and there is always a great atmosphere. Ive tried many things before but none have worked. This def works and the weight is staying off. Proud to be a Dawnbreaker and always will be.”
“I have always struggled with my weight and commitment and its a demon i still face today, my intentions are great But the application could always be better. What dawnbreakers does for me is it encourages rather than beating me up for it. Yes there’s a pressure of letting your Peers down because everyone genuinely wanted to see you succeed. I’m mentally and physically fitter than i was, but more importantly I’ve learnt so much, how to get the best results, learnt from others achievements and mistakes too, learnt lots of variations of workouts that i can continue to do when I’m not at dawnbreakers and learnt a lot more about nutrition.
I’ve also extended my social network.
All in all, for me dawnbreakers is not a gym, it’s not an exercise group. Its a change.
Dawnbreakers, it’s a lifestyle.”
“3 months ago, the only fighting I did was on my playstation 4.
After completing my first DB (signed up for two more) not only do I now have something to aim for in life (I wanna compete in a MMA fight by my 35th birthday) but DB has completely changed my life, and not just physically.
I am a changed man, I’ve met some truly inspiring people and have a new found respect for everybody doing what they do”
“Dawn Breakers isn’t just an exercise class, it’s not just a way to loose weight, gain muscle, or tone those wobbly bits. For most it’s a life changing experience. It certainly has been for me. The atmosphere (even just before 6am when it’s cold and raining outside) is magical.
Andy’s passion to help people, his empathy and non judgemental attitude has created a gym environment like none I’ve ever experienced. The staff are all fantastic and it’s lovely to have a female available who can answer any questions and take photos for you if you aren’t comfortable about it. Mel, is really approachable and really cares.
There is no preaching, no hard sell of any gimmicks, no pressure to join other clubs/classes.
That being said, it is hard work, the more you put in, the better your results will be. I’ve had highs and lows but I wouldn’t change a single second.
Really all you have to do is be good with the diet and show up, the staff and the group will make sure you train hard. I honestly cannot recommend it enough.”
“When I started DB I wasn’t sure I could do it. In fact, on my first day as I was cycling up to the gym, I thought I’d never go back. It was so early & so cold. After I completed my first workout, & met my fellow DBers, the early mornings & the cold didn’t seem to matter so much. I’ve been every day ever since, & I genuinely can’t imagine not going. I have so much more energy, I’m seeing constant changes in my body & my abilities, & I feel so much more comfortable & confident.
I’ve done home workouts, running programmes, & had gym memberships, but this has by far been the best thing I have ever done. Not just for my fitness levels, but for how I feel about myself, &, for this, I can’t thank everyone enough x”
“After seriously considering signing up to the Femme Fatale challenge, Dawn Breakers just seemed to be the next best thing for me. I am lucky that I’ve never struggled with my weight, but always felt like I could be fitter. I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder & have found that early morning exercise like DB has helped me so much. What a great way to start the day & I am the fittest that I’ve ever been! I’d like to thank Andy, Mel & Olly for all their help & advice, & I love being part of the DB community.”
“my weight is lower than its been in ages and I’ve managed to drop down from a size 12/14 at the start of DawnBreakers and I’ve been fitting into size8 jeans and work trousers which of course is massively rewarding but also in about the past two months I’ve managed to lose 2 inches off of the tops of my legs, my hips/love handles, bust. An inch off my bum and 1.5 off my waist. My body fat% has gone down to 25 and my muscles gone up 2%. My BMi is down to healthy now aswell. So much has changed and even though the scales have been moving slow I can see that a lot has changed. I’m getting better at push ups I’ve managed to do some actual decline push ups, which I’d never have thought I could. So thankyou very much Andy, I’m feeling exceptionally grateful. X”
“When Andy first launched DB I immediately took the negitive “I’ll never be able to do that”, “that’s far too early” etc... Turns out I can! After seeing so many positive stories, seeing results and having my own motivational battles, I took the plunge and joined!
By February I would have done 6 DBs in a row and I am aiming for a whole year! It’s completely changed my attitude, my perspective and I’ve met some great people too!
Not only that, I’ve dropped nearly two dress sizes, sleep better, eat better, feel better, and I know I’m doing something good for my body for the future
Seriously, it’s all good! You’d never regret it! I’m proud to wear my AMAFC clothing and my DB tees!”
“After having major surgery last year and approaching my 40th birthday I decided I needed to tackle my weight issues. I had lost 3 St myself over the last 3 years but really wanted to make a concerted effort to finally shift the last 3/4st. I wanted to change my life style and my unhealthy life permanently,no more yo yoing. I watched my hubby and then daughter get amazing results but my fear kept holding me back from signing up. A secret sign up forced my hand, I was lucky enough to meet a lot of DBers on a night out before I started and had visited the gym a couple of times so that first morning wasn’t too scary. It’s been hard work, really hard, getting up early, hurting all over for days, feeling sick and dizzy and food tantrums but the results have been amazing and have kept me motivated. The process works, I’m really pleased with myself but I couldn’t do it on my own, the groups are supportive and friendly no matter what time you train and Andy Lavery and his team have helped me do it. You get exactly what you need whether it be holding your hand or your hair or getting a reality check and a ’suck it up princess’ when you need it. It really can change your life if you let it ’ Trust the process ’ xx”
“After a horrendous diabetic check up and suffering with weight related illnesses I decided I needed to get control of myself. I had seen a friend posting pictures of her amazing journey with Dawnbreakers and I decided that as I’d tried everything going (and I mean everything) what did I have to lose? I’ve not finished my first 6 weeks yet but I have had some really positive changes are my wins so far
1) blood sugars stabilised from avg 12 to 5.
2) blood pressure back to normal from being at the point of needing medication to reduce
3) I feel well, full of energy and I’m a much happier person
4) I’ve dropped a dress size
5) I feel like I’m improving a little everyday and I really struggled the first 3 weeks.
I don’t think it’s an easy fix, it requires commitment but the rewards you get if you put the hard work in are so worth it
I’m so glad I joined, I still have a long way to go but for the first time in about 15 years I actually believe I might get there with the help of the DB team x”
“I’ve been going to the Andover Leisure Centre for years and enjoy it... BUT DB took me to another level of fitness. At 47 I’m in better shape body an health wise than I have ever been. Above all I have a team, an coach to work with on my journey... Life Changing For Life...”
“You are given all the tools to do the job, you are encouraged and pushed as much as you want to be... you are surrounded by people with similar goals to yourself whom are only too willing to support you.. The instructors know their shit.. Andy has the most groomed beard in the world EVER. You get out of it what you put into it... just get up and get there every day and you will get results if you trust the process,it’s not a magic pill and you need to work for what you want... but DB will give you everything you need to succeed. I can’t say it enough “trust the process and trust the programme”. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to work hard to get results.”
“i haven’t heard my wife Hilary Briley speak about excercise in the way she just did for 20 years since i met her. Its always been a big front put on and source of jokes to her.... but not now. she is a positive thinking, reps-busting, fitness machine in and out the gym. She is going to do big things, i can tell. She is reversing that size 20 that she has been, back down to the 12 she was always supposed to stay at, and as she does, it gets her life back too and the barriers that stopped her doing stuff are literally just falling down. Thank you for helping change my wifes life. this is the best testament i could possibly of hoped to write. As it’s all i ever wanted. OH........ and as for me... well i made it into Team GB whilst training at the triathlon club and DawnBreakers. So that aint so bad now is it? #trustheproccess”