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Mandy - Winchester Dawn Breakers

I am Mandy, the lead instructor here at Dawn Breakers Winchester

If you are wondering if this is a good idea, if you're wondering if this is suitable for you, if you’re wondering whether or not you are good enough, fit enough, strong enough to give this a go, the answer to all of the above is ABSOLUTELY YES and it would be my pleasure to help and support you the whole way through.

The reason I know this is because I have taken this journey myself. I haven’t always been an instructor and I wasn't naturally gifted in the exercise department. I was always last picked for PE, I didn’t have any amazing or outstanding talents, the only thing I had when I started was a desire to be better, a longing to feel happier about myself and a man (Andy Lavery) who told me I could do it...

I was overweight, I had a shockingly bad diet, drank too much alcohol and knowledge of nutrition was poor...

However, after 2 years of being a DB client and now 3 years as an instructor, my life couldn’t be further away from where I was back then.

Today, I have a well-balanced diet, I don't have to starve myself, I have a confidence I never knew existed, I train 5 or 6 times a week, I am in the best physical shape of my life and I will take on any challenge thrown at me or offered to me. I am extremely passionate about what I teach here and I will invest however much time is needed into making sure you get all the support you need for you to be able to enjoy your Dawn Breakers experience.

Dawn Breakers showed me how to enjoy life again and it’s an honour and a privilege that I can now pass this on to other people. I am surrounded by approximately 85 people each morning, across 3 classes, who all start their day the same way, with a positive outlook on the day ahead... That’s not a coincidence.


The Westgate School
Cheriton Road
SO22 5AZ